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Asas Program for the Inventory 1.0

English supported.

Hijri and Gregorian dates supported.

Easy and convenient screens; their colorcan be changed.

Automatic updating for the program through the internet.

Reports exported to Word and Excel files .

Closing the financial year in easy and uncomplicated steps.

The possibility of temporary closure until the budget prepared.

Automatic backup.

Follow-up the due documents.

and more...

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Versions Inventory 1.0
Inventory and Accounting 1.0
Inventory and Accounting 2.0
Possibility of obtaining a trial version For 30 days For 30 days For 30 days
Arabic and English Supported      
Supporting Hijri and Gregorian dates      
Working on all Windows systems (Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP)      
Automatic backup      
Multiple users with a specified powers      
Supporting barcode reader and printers      
Supporting casher printers and dot-matrix invoices(EPSON)      
Supporting customer digital screen - Automated inventory device - Balance (by quality)      
Supporting multiple printers per device according to the user's choice      
Ability to print and export the reports to files (CSV, DOC, XLS)      
Possibility of opening more than one institution and adding the institution's data and logo to the reports      
Possibility to open more than one branch of a company      
Opening balances - Extension of the financial year - The final and temporary closure      
Branches - Customers - Suppliers –Categories - Delegates - Units - Classifications – Groups-      
Categories (service - commodity - collection - weighing)      
Calculating the selling prices of the units sold automatically for each item such as (one -dozen - carton)      
Sales and discard invoices(Cash - delayed) Payment method (cash - network - Visa - Master Card)      
Purchase and discard invoices(Cost adjustment - additional costs –the bonus - currency conversion)      
Customers (Indebtedness limit -Period of maturity -Discounts - Pricing - Additional details - Prohibition)      
The delegate (Exchange and receipt of goods from the delegate - Inventory and sales reports of the delegate - Commissions)      
Categories (Serial numbers SN - Branch quantities - Alternative items - Related items)      
Date of validity of items – Items images      
Opening Inventory - Inventory Differences - Damaged Items      
Goods reservation - Exchange and receipt of goods - Transfer between branches      
Purchase orders - Purchaseand discardinvoices - Purchase price for items      
Notes receivables and disbursement (ordinary - compound) - Bank deposits - Credit and debit notice      
Integrated accounting manual with the possibility of modification, addition and deletion easily      
Daily restrictions - Creating automatic or manual restrictions - Automatic or manual deportation - Pending invoices      
Supporting periodic or continuous inventory of stockin an accounting way      
The Balance Sheet - General and Assistant Ledger–the Profit and Loss - Trading Account - Audit Balances      
Cost Centers (Main and Sub Centers - Detailed Reports according to choice)      
Warehouses (Possibility of adding more than one warehouse for a branch, direct selling, transfer between them and their reports)      
shipping (ship the goods from the warehouse for sales and purchases before or after the invoice)      
shipping (Possibility to control the quantities of invoices after issued, exchange and receipt from the warehouse in batches)      
Possibility to connect with Point of Sale Program      
Ability ofdirectconnect to the internet or through synchronization programs (data transfer))      
Security (tracking system related to modification and deletion on documents)      
Technical support via Teamviewer or phone connection      

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