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Asas program for Personnel Affairs 1.0

The Personnel Affairs Program serves the employees in the company and provides their needs such as: the employee follow-up, storing the employee data, modification ofthe employee data, the employee salaries,the increases...


Asas program for Inventory and Accounting 1.0

This product combines the inventory management and the account management together in a detailed and comprehensive manner. Through this, the invoices and bonds can be issued and linked to the accounts. The daily restrictions can also be inserted and the accounting reports can be printed such as audit balance, the statements of accounts, the profits and losses, creating the balance sheet, printing the inventory reports and follow up the movement of varieties...


Asas Program for the Inventory 1.0

With Asas Program for the Inventory, you can easily insert the items, issue sales and purchase invoices, issue notes receivablesand exchange for the customers and suppliers, print the reports and the account statements, in addition to points of sale...


Asas Accounting Program 3.0 cost centers

What distinguishes this product is the addition of cost centers through which the possibility of registering the income and expenses of each cost center and calculating the profits of business activities and thus extracting financial statements and movement reports for each sub-activity expressing the profitability of each activity...

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